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How to Choose the Right Coffee Table

The coffee table may not be the first piece of furniture that comes to mind when you think of the living room – the sofa or the dining table are too important . At second glance, however, it quickly becomes clear that no seating area would be complete without a coffee table. It serves as a storage area for the remote control, book or bag of chips – […]

Why a Chicken McNugget sold for nearly $ 100,000 on eBay

Curious eBay Auction: A McDonald’s chicken nugget sold for about $ 100,000 on eBay. The reason for this is the similarity to a character from a popular online game. The seller, known on eBay as Polizna, made a surprising find in his McDonald’s order. The BTS menu, which was sold as a promotion for the South Korean […]

Does music increase the ability to concentrate?

The sounds of our surroundings have a more or less effect on the mental performance. Music has an unjustified reputation for being detrimental to the ability to concentrate. Because with the right selection, not only does memory performance and thus learning success improve – the mood also noticeably improves. How does music affect our psyche? What do […]

Questions to Consider Before Buying a Guitar Amp

How does a guitar amplifier work? It is important to have a basic understanding of how a guitar amplifier works. Only then can you make an informed purchase decision. Guitar amplifiers were originally developed because the guitar simply couldn’t establish itself in a big band alongside trumpets, trombones and drums. What happens now in an amplifier? The […]

Saving money: the 4 percent rule allows couples to take early retirement at their early 30s

Never having to work in your early 30s because you’ve saved enough money? One couple did it with a simple strategy: that’s behind their so-called “4 percent rule”. Finally quitting, never having to work again and only doing what you feel like doing because you have financially enough money – for many, such fantasies are pure […]