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Alternative to VLC Player: Media Player Classic now with equal strength

After it was hired by the developer in 2017, the “Media Player Classic” experienced a revival – thanks to its large fan base. There are now regular updates for the open source tool. Due to the large range of functions, the video player can definitely compete with the VLC player. The most popular choice for those for […]

Google is now deleting accounts! What you need to know and who is affected

Google is now active and deleting user accounts. Not all of them, of course, but only those that are rarely used. Who has to act now. Beginning from June 1, 2021, there will be some new features on Google. If users have not used Gmail, Google Photos or Google Drive accounts for more than two years, Google can […]

The best free password manager: this cool feature is unique

With dozens of accounts and profiles on the Internet, it is difficult to keep track of all access data. Hardly anyone uses an individual password for each page. An open source tool like Bitwarden remembers crack-proof passwords on your behalf – thanks to a brand new feature, you no longer even need a master password. In the video […]

Away from WhatsApp: Why Telegram is not a safe alternative

WhatsApp is the most widely used messenger worldwide, but many users are dissatisfied with its security and data protection. The Telegram alternative is particularly popular – although this messenger app does even worse in terms of security and data protection. You can read why this is so and why you can still use Telegram in […]

Tails safer than Windows 10: Completely anonymously on the Internet while on the move

Protecting your privacy on the Internet is not easy, but specialized tools can help. The alternative operating system Tails is unbeatable here – thanks to an extensive toolbox for your anonymity. Version 4.19 of the hardened Linux distribution is now available for download. If you, as a Windows user, value your privacy, you have to adjust many […]