Ubisoft against cheaters: Gaming giant buys anti-cheat company

Games publisher Ubisoft strikes against cheaters. To do this, the company bought an anti-cheat provider. We’ll tell you here what that could mean for the future of your own games.

(Image source: pixabay.com / mohamed hassan)

The French gaming group Ubisoft declares war on cheaters. As Gamasutra reports , the company buys an anti-cheat manufacturer. It is about GameBlocks that have developed and offered the anti-cheat tool FairFight.

The deal was already closed, but neither party wanted to comment on the price.

FairFight-Anti-Cheat is supposed to be integrated into the existing Ubisoft systems. Large and small publishers can make use of Ubisoft’s services via the so-called “One Game Hosting Platform”. With FairFight, the offer is now even more attractive.

What does the purchase mean for Ubisoft games?

Game companies like Ubisoft have been fighting against cheaters for decades. Multiplayer games are repeatedly plagued by gamers who gain an unfair advantage through third-party programs.

By implementing FairFight directly, Ubisoft could soon get a small advantage.

The company could thus react more quickly to current developments in the cheat market and put a stop to the programs. It is difficult to say whether the whole thing can also be implemented in everyday gaming.

The programs are updated quickly to take advantage of new loopholes. As a recent case shows, there is now a multi-million dollar market behind cheats .

Cheats are particularly popular with particularly cheap or free games. In the event of a ban, cheaters can simply create a new account and continue playing.

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